Guitar and Bass 1.2.1

Useful tool for learning to play on electric or acoustic

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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    6.9 (94)

Whether a budding guitar player, bass player or both, the "Guitar and Bass Player" download for Windows 8 can help users to learn how to play both well. Few people can simply pick up a guitar of bass guitar and master it. It takes years of practice, and having a teacher helps. But guitar teachers can be expensive and beyond the budgets of many. Instead of spending money on guitar lessons, they can save that cash for a better guitar or bass by downloading "Guitar and Bass Player" for Windows 8. They still can learn the basics and more advanced aspects of both instruments and still

The 4.1-megabyte software program for PCs has learning exercises, a metronome and enables tablature transcription of songs. Learning musicians can customize the program for their specific needs and create lesson plans that will help them to master the guitar of bass guitar. The software program teaches chords, intervals, keys and has a key finder. Students can learn various scales, such as the blues scale, mixolydian scale, Dorian, arpeggios, pentatonic scales and much more. With the built-in metronome, users can practice and perfect their timing as well as guitar and bass playing.

Learning with the software program is easy when disciplined enough to complete the various lessons. Users can customize the interface as well. The program comes with a practice guitar neck allowing users to play notes with their mouse and practice with their own guitars at home. The practice neck and frets help to teach the many scales used in guitar playing and improve soloing skills.

Learning to play rhythm also is possible with practice strumming patterns and exercises designed to help users learn the guitar and not just play around with it. Once lessons are complete, practice exercises and exams help to ensure the guitar or bass player has learned the intended lessons. This method helps in advancing his or her playing skills.

One of the terrific features of the software program is the many chords that students can learn when using "Guitar and Bass." Many guitar players struggle with chords or only know how to play Barre chords, which can quickly wear down the hands. The chord builder component of "Guitar and Bass" enables users to learn several ways of playing the same chords as well as popular chord progressions.

Thousands of people download the free version of "Guitar and Bass" for Windows 8 and other PCs each month. It is one of the most popular guitar and bass software programs since its initial release in June 2011. The outstanding software program has few flaws. A particularly annoying flaw is its need to open a new window with each tool used. Overall, "Guitar and Bass" is an outstanding free software download that helps people learn to play guitar and bass.


  • Complete lessons for learning guitar and bass
  • Practice exercises included
  • Tab composer helps with transcribing
  • Metronome teaches critical timing


  • Computer controls can be troublesome
  • No chromatic tuner included
  • Uses tablature instead of musical notation
  • External speakers needed

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